Gemeinde Stetten am kalten Markt



Stetten a.k.M.

The community of Stetten am kalten Markt with its districts Frohnstetten, Glashütte, Nusplingen and Storzingen is situated next to an outstanding landscape section belonging to the nature park “Upper Danube” containing the impressive break-through valley of the Danube through the lime mountains of the Swabian Alb. Stetten am kalten Markt is situated on the plateau of the Heuberg between the valleys of the Danube and that of the Schmeie, about 100 km south of Stuttgart and 50 km north of Lake Constance (Bodensee).

The first documentary mentioning dates from 799, the period of reign of Charlemagne. Historical finds prove that the area had already been populated between 800 – 600 B.C.. Today the former castle of the Lords of Hausen and Stetten by katlen Markt is used as the town-hall of Stetten. It was renovated 1998. Because Stetten is one of the most important garrisons in Baden-Württemberg a very good infra-structure is available for everyone. Stetten has got lots of leisure amenities like a half-pipe for rollerskaters, several sports halls, a cross-country run and many more. More than 70 registered societies and clubs offer various programmes for your leisure time.

For walkers, cyclists and all friends of nature Stetten has excellent conditions . It`s really worth visiting our area. The end of an excellent day you can spend in one of our various restaurants of very good quality. Since 1982 Stetten has cultivated a town twinning with Montlhery near Paris in France. Each year different groupings of both communities meet either in Montlhery or in Stetten am kalten Markt.